Friday, March 2, 2012


Somerville, MA - As my friend and teacher once said during a men's circle, 'perfect wrecks good.' I am writing today from a cafe in Davis Square, a neighborhood business district near Tufts University and taking a moment to feel simple satisfaction in accomplishing simple tasks today such as updating the links on this blog.

The underlying lesson is that far too often I've created lofty expectations and experienced more self-disappointment than success which has led to a chronic sense of "being behind" or low-level stress.

Today, I slept-in after enjoying great conversation with Dazza and Jane, two yogis among my Boston-area community. Then, I took a phone call from my dear friend Lucy who is driving through Boston on her way back to Montreal, Canada after visiting Rhode Island School of Design with her daughter.

So, today I am reveling in simple satisfaction and acknowledging that I go through periods of productivity balanced with phases of recouperation.