Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

I have been travelling to my parents' home for over 20 years now and there was one moment when driving to Virginia from Boston in my 20s when I realized that this ritual would always be in my life. I could remember sitting in the driver's seat at the Maryland House rest stop and experiencing a stamp on my adulthood creating a somatic reality of living on my own. It was a snapshot in time that one never forgets.

So, I left my tiny one-bedroom apartment this morning with my bags packed for half a day of work, followed by a trip to the airport, then I was reminded by the mess that I was leaving that I wished to create more of a physical home in my apartment. The mental list spoke out: altar needs refreshing, bathroom needs painting, and kitchen needs using.

The longing in my heart is only a reminder that home is where your heart is. Yoga has taught me many lessons and this is one of them. It's easy to get caught up in building the physical home but the past year has taught me that taking good care of oneself, truly loving your Life for what it is, accepting your body as it is, and being grateful for your gifts are part of being home where your heart is.

Warmest wishes to all for a joyous holiday season and continually expansive new year!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter in the City

Mother Nature greeted Boston this weekend with a foot of snow which changed getting around the city. Tonight on my way home from work a subway train on the Redline at the Charles MGH T-stop was disabled which necessitated me looking for and sharing a cab with another stranded commuter. It was an opportunity for people in the city who normally are speechless. My new acquaintance, Karen, works at the hospital and was on her way home too. The cabbie was playing a Lionel Richie CD which brought memories of dancing to "All Night Long" at the end of a week of yoga "training" - Summer Pranification - in Los Angeles in July.

My return home did not complete at the end of the cab ride as I was on my way to a 5:45pm yoga class. Unfortunately, I was too late, so I went Christmas gift shopping and dining at Anna's Taqueria. I thought that I could easily catch the #83 bus back to Inman Square but nothing is easy when it snows.

I've never had good luck with the bus and tonight was like other experiences waiting for the bus. I grew cold and tired at Porter Square bus stop and took the subway to Harvard hoping for better luck with the #69 bus which was an even colder wait. My feet losing sensation prompted me to find a cab.

Only a hot shower brought back feeling in my hands and feet and I'm grateful for the comfort of my warm apartment.

More adventures tomorrows as the snow will be here for a while.