Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Matrices, Diversification & Awakening (Part 2)

Boston, MA - A lot can happen in one month as I pick up the threads of my last post. I'm fatigued from only four hours of sleep after returning home late from last night's Radiohead show with a frenetic LED stage show matching the dynamism of their music.

Growing up in the western culture which rewards intellectual prowess, I wonder why are we only catching up now to valuing those with huge hearts and cultivating a deep connection to the inner river of love. I am writing after having read a recent blog post by Robbyne LaPlant dated May 30, 2012 where she offers a Venus Transit ritual for all of us to let go and plant new seeds, so that we can live more from our hearts.

More and more, I am drawn into ritual and the practices and experiences that bring one in alignment with the great Spirit, flow or underlying Shakti that is breathing us, is us and animates everything in a continuing pulsation. Just yesterday, I ended up on Shakti Sunfire's blog. She is an accomplished hoop dancer, yoga teacher, and excellent writer. Her most recent blog about her experiences in Bali affirmed this interest.

So, upon further contemplation, the awakening is being able to shift between the logic-filled world of matrices and heart-filled world of love. It is not necessarily an either or but a constant ebb and flow with which we navigate our day-to-day existence.