Monday, August 8, 2011


Boston, MA - What a journey life has been in the past twelve months! So many people, places, experiences. But my reality is that it's a Monday morning, I have a fog much like the fog that shrouded the city's skyline this morning, and I'm paralyzed into inaction.

It doesn't help that in switching over my website account this past weekend, I discovered my website was out of commision this morning. No problem, right. I hastily created a temporary one-page site but what's another thing to add to the growing list of to-dos.

Perhaps I should wash my hands clean of "all this" and blame it on Mercury Retrograde but that would be claiming no responsibility and falling prey to inaction.

So, I am reminded to initiate movement in my life, begin again with my breath, and re-connect with the rest of the world. As I was talking with my friend, Dazza, last night, life is so precious and to be living at this time in the span of history is so so special.

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